Parents gain an understanding of the importance of nurturing a child's innate musicality.

Starting music very young

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Faculty: Yvette Odell
Dates: Ongoing, contact Yvette to be invited to a free class
Location: Weaverville, West Asheville, South Asheville

At Kindermusik with Yvette you will find the benefits of beginning your child’s musical journey as an infant. Yvette will help you see your baby’s musical cues as she responds to the steady beat, contrasting timbres, and other elements such as high and low, quiet and loud and patterns in music. Your baby even in infancy can imitate pitches and can vocalize in imitation to the sounds she hears in her environment. If your baby is 11 weeks or younger ask about the infancy discount of the current session for free (materials not included) or if your baby is 5 months or younger ask for the $50 discount good for the current semester. Come and visit a class to experience the beauty of your child in a musical environment.

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