Workshop in Jazz Composition


-Beginning and Advanced taught by Michael Jefry Stevens
Topics will include the blues form, standard song form (32 bars etc),
melodic development of thematic material including rhythmic
variation, modal variation, augmentation principles, diminution principles,
retrograde/retrograde inversion principles, common note
harmonic devices, re-harmonization principles, strong and weak har-
monic progressions. Advanced courses will also deal with extended
forms, free forms, odd time signatures, modulation, etc. The object of
the seminar is to enhance the student’s compositional vocabulary
and provide further tools for his/her development as a composer.
The course will include analysis of works by Shorter, Ellington, Evans,
Strayhorn, Coltrane, Mingus and others.
For more information and registration for these classes or private piano lessons from Michael Jefry Stevens please contact Director Gina Caldwell at (828) 649-2828.

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