Jazz Theory and Improvisation

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Taught by Michael Jefry Stevens
Jazz Theory and Improvisation -Beginning
This workshop is for all instruments (including voice), and will
concentrate on the following topics: Detailed instruction in scales,
modes, triads, 7th chords, chords of higher structures (9, 11, 13),
intervals, and basic instruction in formal principles of melodic and the-
matic development. Diatonic harmony; Modal improvisation; principles and practice of blues improvisation and their fundamentalimportance to jazz
Jazz Theory and Improvisation РAdvanced
Harmonic substitutionusing equal division of the octave and other advanced principles; Common tone improvisation over sophisticated
harmonies.  Analysis of intervals, scales, modes, minor key harmony, chord substitution, pandiatonicism, bitonality, 12 tone theory,
chromatic harmony, quartal harmony, polytonality,
atonality, advanced concepts in the Blues  and extensive discussion on principles of harmonic, rhythmic and melodic development and manipulation.

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