Scholarship Information

Joyful Noise Community Music and Arts Center is committed to serving our entire community, and is proud to offer a limited number of partial scholarships for private instrument study. We offer 25% financial scholarships, and the most dedicated and motivated students may be nominated for an additional 25% merit scholarship.

Application Process

Scholarship applications are reviewed 4 times each year by the Joyful Noise Scholarship Committee. Applications are assessed according to financial need, student merit, and availability of funds. Applications received by each deadline will receive a response according to the time table below. Scholarship payments begin immediately upon approval. Scholarships are granted for a one-year period, after which recipients must reapply.

Application Deadline

Start Date

December 15 January 1
March 15 April 1
June 15 July 1
September 15 October 1

To demonstrate their commitment, new students must take lessons for three months before they will be considered for a scholarship.

Scholarship Requirements

Scholarship recipients are required to comply with all policies and expectations of their private teacher, including attendance, practice, and lesson preparedness. Scholarship students are also required to participate in recitals and other Joyful Noise events as required by their teachers.
Scholarship students will work on a special educational project in consultation with their teachers and may be asked to present or perform their work at a program for scholarship donors. In lieu of special projects, scholarship students may assist Joyful Noise in a work study program. Work study assignments might include hanging posters, assisting at Joyful Noise concerts and programs, or participating in fundraising projects and events.

Download Joyful Noise Scholarship Documents